(a) How did Tiger King meet his end? What is ironical about his death?

(b) Why and how did the dewan take tiger into the forest?

(c) What happened when the Tiger King had killed seventy tigers?

(d) How did the Tiger King stand danger of losing his kingdom? How was he able to avert the danger?

(e) How did Maharaja manage to retain his kingdom?

a) On the birthday of the crown prince, the king bought a tiny little wooden tiger for his son. It had been carved by an unskilled carpenter. Its surface was rough, tiny slivers of wood stood up like quills all over it. One of those slivers pierced the Maharaja's right hand. He pulled it out with his left hand and continued to play with the prince. Next day, the infection flared in the Maharaja's right hand and in four days he developed a suppurating sore which spread all over the arm. Three famous surgeons were brought in from Madras. They decide to operate after a consultation. The three surgeons who performed the operation came out of the theatre and announced that the operation had been successful but the Maharaja was dead. It was the manner in which the hundredth tiger took its final revenge upon the Tiger King.

b) The dewan and his aged wife were exhausted because the Maharaja could not find the hundredth tiger and it was driving him crazy which meant it was time to take out the hundredth one from People's Park in Madras. The dewan and his aged wife dragged the tiger to his car and shoved it into the seat. Then the dewan himself drove the car straight to the forest where the Maharaja was hunting. But when they reached the forest, the tiger launched its satyagraha and refused to get out of the car. The dewan was thoroughly exhausted in his efforts to haul the beast out of the car and push it down to the ground. 

c) The tiger population became extinct in the forest of Pratibandapuram after the king had killed seventy tigers.

d) The tiger king was on the verge of loosing his kingdom as he had not allowed a high ranking British officer from hunting a tiger in his kingdom or to take a photograph along with the tiger killed by the king. However, he averted the danger by impressing the officer's wife by sending samples of 50 expensive  diamond rings. Though he had expected that she would choose one or two out of the lot, the duraisani accepted all of them. The gift cost the king 3 lakh rupees but he was able to safeguard his kingdom.

e) The British officer was keen to kill a tiger. When he was denied the permission for hunting, he requested the king that he be allowed to get photographed with the dead body of a tiger killed by the king. But the king did not fulfill his wish. In order to please the officer's wife, the king sent 50 diamond rings thinking that she would take 1 or 2. But, she kept all the rings costing 3 lakh rupees and sent 'thanks' to the King. This is how he saved his kingdom.

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