A frog is there in the well which is 24 m deep.The frog wants to jump out of the well.Everytime he jumps 2/3 m and falls back by 1/4 m.In how many jumps will he come out of the well.? please reply soon!!!!!!

Given, depth of the well = 24m

Upward distance covered by frog in one jump = m

Downward distance moved when he fall back in one jump = m

m of height required one jump of frog.

Here the jump comes in decimals which is not possible.

Now, in 57th jump first he moves m then he falls back by  m.

Hence, in 57th jump, the frog will move out of the well.

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10 jumps

solution:2/3 - 1/4=512

5/12*24= 10 

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sorry that is 5/12

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