a firm plans in advance and has a sound organisation structure with efficient supervisory staff and control system. on several occasions

it finds that plan are not being adhered to. it leads to confusion and duplication of work. advise remedy?

Answer given by Pranjal is correct. The solution to the above problem is coordination.It binds the people of the organisation and their activities to ensure a smooth functioning of the work. It is that force which unites the working and efforts of the people of the organisation towards the common objective of the organisation. Coordination links the interrelated functions of management. It is found at every level of management. It begins right from the stage of planning where goals and objectives are set for the organisation. Coordination is then required between the stage of planning and staffing so that right kind of people are hired for the execution of the plan. Next the functions of directing and controlling must also be coordinated with each other so as to realise the achievement of desired goals. 

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communication and coordination may be increased

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coordination is lacking

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