A father gives 1% of his monthly income to his two son as pocket money.the elder son gets 80% of the total amount of money and he spends 80% of his share . If he save Rs 20 per month. Determine father's monthly income. (Plz answer this Question soon, exam is approaching)


Now Let His Total Salary Per Month Be Rs x.


Amount Given To His Sons = 1/100*x = x/100

Now Amount Received By Elder Son = 80/100*x/100 = 80x/10000 = 8x/1000 = x/125

Now Its Given That He Spends 80% Of His Share

So Amount Saved = 100-80 = 20%

20/100*x/125 = x/625

Now This Equal Rs 20

x/625 = 20

x = Rs 12500

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omg in 12500 rs, his son gets 125 rs.. omg!!!! so lucky son!!

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