​Q1 one incident changed hooper life. what was the change?
Q2 why did some of hooper's company men come to visit him? what did they say?
Q3 describe the first meeting between hooper and duke,after hooper's acciedent.
Q4 how does duke start to simulate hooper?
​Q5 what was the big move that hooper made on january4?

Dear student,

The answers to first two queries are as follows:
  1. Hooper had met with an accident which had left him paralysed. Due to this, he could not walk or continue working.
  2. Hooper was in hospital. His left side had been completely paralysed. Some men from the company came to see him. On seeing Hooper's condition, they said that he should take a year off. They did not think that Hooper would ever be able to walk again. So they said that they would create a desk job for him at headquarters.

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