1. A) Describe jody’s journey from the forest to his home with the fawn.

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'Jody felt terrible to have left the little fawn in the forest all by himself. Thus, he convinced his parents to allow him to get the fawn to the safety of their home. He rode with Mill-wheel upto a point after which he alone took over the search. When Jody found the fawn he noticed that the fawn was quivering and was distrustful. He tried to calm the fawn and tried to establish some kind of understanding with him. However, though the fawn allowed the proximity of Jody, he did not move. Jody then decided to carry the fawn all the way home. He first patted the fawn and then lightly lifted him. Jody went around the area where his father was bitten and where lay the carcass of the fawn's mother, fearing that the scent of his mother would make the fawn restless. Jody had to stop often for breaks as himself being little he was severely struggling with the weight of the fawn and the vines and bushes that lay on his path. Though, Jody's arms had started hurting, he carried on his journey. He even managed to establish such trust in the fawn that he gradually grew willing to follow him. After a point, Jody felt such a grand connection with the fawn that all the struggle and pain he was going through no longer mattered. By and by they reached their destination.'

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