A debtor whose dues of rupees 5000 were written off as bad debts paid rupees 4000 in full settlement??? Plz tell me what to do in revaluation account and balance sheet also?????

in revaluation a/c credit 4000/- by name of bad debts recovered and no treatment in balance sheet
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why cash balance will not increase? ??
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yes, cash balance will increase
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Increase revaluation by 4000
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In revaluation credit credit the amount rs.4000 by the name bad debt recovery account And yes it will definately have an effect in the balance sheet that is bank balance will increase by amount rs.4000
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A debtor of rs.500 which was written off as bad debt paid 400 in full settlement
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In revaluation account the amount RS 4000 is credited to the account by the name bad debts recovered and in balance sheet cash account increases by RS 40000
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