A can do a piece of work in 14 days while B can do it in 21 days. They began together and worked at it for 6 days. Then, A fell ill and B had to complete the remaining work alone. In how many days was the work completed?

A's one day work=1/14

B's one day work=1/21

{A+B} one day work=1/14+1/21=5/42

they both work 6 day =5/42*6=5/7

B had to complete the remainig work=1-5/7=2/7

B had to complete the work=2/7 is divided by 1/21

divide change into mutiply=2/7*21/1=6

total time taken =6+6=12 

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let us assume that work completed in x days
a can do work 3 days less so we take x-3
b can do entire work so we take x
when we solve it weget x=51/5
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A shopkeeper buys an article for rs 400 and marks it for sale at a price that May give him 80 partisat profit on his cost.he however gives 15 partisat discount on the marked price on his customer. Calculate :-[¡] the marked price of the article. (¡¡)the discount in rupees given to the customer. (¡¡¡) the actual percentage profit made by the shopkeeper.
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Answer is 14 days
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If 5men and 9 women can do a work in 19. Days . 3men and 6 women take how many days to complete same work
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i think it 12
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16 days
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A work=1/14
B work=1/21
They work together=1/14+1/21=5/42
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14+21days =35days
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