6. The following passage has not been edited. There is an error in each line.
Identify and write the error against correct blank number along with the
correction in your answer sheet. (4 marks)
Error Correction
Jagdish Prasad Sharma had hardly
dreaming that his proficiency eg. dreaming ?. dreamed
in Hindi should one day take him from (a) ???? ????
the quiet holy town of Mathura for the bright (b) ???? ????
lights of the US. Sharma was one between (c) ???? ????
the too-odd Hindi teachers (d) ???? ????
who has travelled to Nokia to be interviewing by a (e)???? ????
delegation from the US, who was in India (f) ???? ????
of headhunt young, full time Hindi teachers (g) ???? ????
for schools on the United States. (h) ???? ????
7. Rearrange the given words and phrases to form meaningful sentences. Write
the correct sentences in your answer sheet. (4 marks)
a.feared by / snakes are / in our / worshipped / and / many / country
b. of the / are venomous / only / 300 out / species / 2700 known
c. which is / yellow liquid / water / snake venom / 90% / is a
d. expelled / poison gland / that is / it is / from the / a substance

Dear student,

The answers are as follows:

Incorrect Correct
should would
for to
between of
too-odd two-odd
has/interviewing had/interviewed
no error no error
of to
on in

Please note: there are two errors in the fifth line but there is no error in the sixth line, maybe the word 'interviewing' would have been in the sixth line as per the original question.

  1. Snakes are worshipped and feared by many in our country.
  2. Only 300 out of the 2700 known species are venomous.
  3. Snake venom is a yellow liquid which is 90% water.
  4. It is a substance that is expelled from the poison gland.

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