5 mark Q) Why has India adopted a multi - party system ? Thank you.


 Reasons why India has opted for a multi party system are-
  1. The rise of parties /  multi party system is directly associated with representative form of Democracy, which India chose.
  2. Further owing to  its large territory and large population, India decided to go for multi party to give ample choice to its voters.
  3.  A highly diverse, large and complex society like India, needed a medium that would represent their interests and establish a link between the government and people. Thus, it opted for multi party.
  4.  Such a system  has allowed various political parties to represent diverse interests and reach out to more and more people. 
  5.  It  has given representation to most sections and groups of society. It has also given ample choice to the voters. 
  6. Multi party system has functioned well and has evolved over a period time. As in looking into the size of the country, diversity  multi party system has represented diverse sections of the Indian society and has strengthened democracy.

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