5 mark Q) How does democracy produce an accountable, responsive and legitimate government ? Thank you.


Democracy Produces an Accountable Government - As the people have the right to choose their representatives through the electoral process. These elected representatives form the government and participate in the decision making process on behalf of the people. 
Democracy Produces Responsive Government - Democratic governments are elected by the people and so are responsible towards the people and Parliament. These governments promote the formation of public opinion and take care of the needs and expectations of the people.
Democracy Produces Legitimate Government- Democratic government is a legitimate government because regular elections are its key feature. After five years, elections are held for the legislature and people elect then government on the basis of their right to vote . The party which secures the majority of votes forms the government. In the next election, if it loses the majority, it has to resign from office. Beside elections, the decisions in a democratic government are taken in a transparent manner.

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