2 particles P and Q are moving with constant velocities ( i + j ) m/s and (-i + 2j) m/s respectively.At time t=0, P is at origin and Q is at a point with position vector (2i + j) m. If the equation of the trajectory of Q as observed by P is x+2y=n find n

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                      velocity of point P isvp=(i^+j^)velocity of Q is vq=(-i^+2j^)Displacement of point P isx1i^+y1j^=(i^+j^)×tDisplacement of point Q is(x2-2) i^+(y2-1)  j^=(-2i^+j^)×tDisplacement of point Q with respect to P is (x2-2) i^+(y2-1)  j^-x1i^+y1j^=(-i^+2j^)×t-(i^+j^)×t(x2-x1)i^+(y2-y1)j^-2i^-j^=(-i^+2j^)×t-(i^+j^)×t(x-2)i^+(y-1)j^=(-2i^t+tj^)  ((x2-x1)=x and (y2-y1)=y)x-2=-2t ...1and y-1=t ...2x-2=-2(y-1)x-2=-2y+22y+x=4comparing with the given eqn n=4Regards

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