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14 16 18 ques sir may regarded both as. (a) Benzyl alcohol and methoxy benzene (b) cresol a p „ cresol Benzyl alcohol and (d) Benzyl alcohol and benzyl methyl ether I _ Which Of i ng Compounds x t C n ant iOmevism? (a) 3-hydroxy propanoic acid butanoic acid (c) 4-hydroxy butanoic acid (d) none of these J Z. The functional isomers Of ethers are : (a) ketone (b) aldehyde (c) alcohols (d) esters Wh Of the fo lowing co nformations 0 f n-butane is least Stab uche (b) Anti (c) Eclipsed (a otal number of conformation of ethane is : uny eclipsed (d) Infinite 15. Which of the following ormations of butane is most stable? (a) Skew ( Anti Maleic acid and fumaric acid are (a) position isomer (c) enantiomers (c) Gauche (d) Eclipsed (b) geometrical isomer (d) functional isomer 17. Which of the following is a chiral molecule? (a) I-chloro propane (b) 2-ghloro propane (did-chloro butane (c) I-chloro butane Which of the following molecules has a meso stereoisomer? (a) —CH—CH2 — CH— CH3 (b) trans-2-hexene (d) CH3CH2 19. The number of meso form of the given compound is : OH OH OH G.R. Bathfa Publicattons Pvt. Ltd. . Delh\

Dear Student,

​14. The total number of conformation of ethane is infinite as the rotation around C-C bond is continuous. 
Hence, correct answer is (d)

16. Maleic acid and fumaric acid are geometrical isomers as they differ in the arrangement of groups. 
Hence, correct answer is (b)

18. Meso stereoisomers have plane of symmetry. Symmetry is present in (d) compound as passing a plane will bisect the molecule into two identical halves. 
Therefore, correct answer is (d)

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