13. A rectangular room is 10 m long and 7.5 m wide. Find the cost of covering the floor with carpet 1.25 m wide at rs. 250 per metre. 14. Find the cost of flooring a room 6.5 m by 5 m with square tiles of side 25 cm at the rate of rs. 9.40 per tile. 15. The floor of a room is in the shape of a square of side 4.8 m. The floor is to be covered with square tiles of perimeter 1.2 m. find the cost of covering the floor if each tile costs rs.27 . 16. A rectangular plot of land is 50 m wide. The cost of fencing the plot at the rate of rs.18 per metre is rs.4680. Find (i) the length of the plot. (ii) the cost of leveling the plot at the rate of rs. 7.6 m 2 .

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Q.13 https://www.meritnation.com/ask-answer/question/q-65-a-room-is-16-m-long-and-13-5-m-broad-find-the-cost/quadrilaterals/12446189

Q.14 https://www.meritnation.com/ask-answer/question/find-the-cost-of-flooring-a-room-6-5-by-5-m-with-square-t/mensuration/9890004 

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