1.why did John called Jo the poor kid
2.what does woodwork cage of mouldings and rails and baseboards all around them *half old tan and half new Ivory* symbolise.
3.why he felt caught in a ugly middle position looking at all that.
4.what was the cage and what did it symbolised.
5.why he felt his wife's presence along with in the cage.
6.Her wife was 6 month pregnant,and he too was worried about it. Instead of apologizing for her labour,why he did not want to work or communicate with her then? Even while he liked women to be apprehensive.
7.what character can be sketched of John through this?
Please answer all the questions its very important.Board is one day far

Solution :-

Here is the solution to question 1 and 2 :-
  1. It can be presumed from the story that Jack belonged to a mixed ethnicity and thus faced segregation at school. Since Jo is growing up and attaining an age when she would likely face such racial discrimination in school, Jack is describing her as a poor kid.
  2.  Tan signifies black or dark colour and ivory signifies white colour. Together they indicate that Jack was neither black nor white and thus, he belonged to a mixed race.Therefore, he felt stifled or caged as he belonged to a mixed race.
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