1) What would have been the consequence if water was not recycled in nature by the water cycle?

2) It is estimated that the water table in a fast growing town like Gurgaon (near Delhi) will go down so much in the next decade that it will be difficult to extract groundwater for use. This situation can be corrected by widespread use of one method of recharging groundwater. What do you think this method is?

3) Name some other substances except water that one can see in the three states in everyday life?

4) Name four things which can be recycled. ( garbage in garbage out)

1. If  water was not recycled by nature through water cycle, there would have been no climate change, all the water resources on earth would have been depleted. 

2. The main method involved in the ground water recharge is Rain Water Harvesting method which can be done by many methods like direct recharge through Open wells and Bore wells etc.

3. There is no such material other than water which exists in all three states in normal condition, but if extreme conditions are applied to some substances, they can exist in any two or all three states . For example oils, CO2 etc.

4. The four things which are recycled naturally includes elements like nitrogen, carbon sulphur, CO2 etc. and the things which  can be recycled in our daily life includes, paper, plastic, metals etc.

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