1. What was the symbolic colour of the Socialist revolutionaries in Russia?
​2. Name the areas affected by tropical cyclones in India.
​3. Which peninsular river is also known as Dakshin Ganga?
4. Who signed the Office Memorandum issued on August 13, 1990?
​5. Explain the term 'Equality of Opportunity.'
​6. Name an Asian country where women do not have the right to vote.
​7. What is the payment that the government makes to a producer to supplement the market price of a commodity?
​8. Describe any three measures taken by Stalin to implement his collectivisation programme.
​9. Describe the impact of Nazism on domestic and foreign policy of Germany.
10. Many animals and animal products are used all over the world for food and medicines. How would you make aware such people to stop the practice of killing animals?
​11. Distinguish between equitable climate and extreme climate.
​12. Define the Parliament and the Legislature of India and write any one important role of it.
13. Can a person change his religion? Support you answer with the concerned Fundamental Right.
​14. Why are the candidates required to give detailed statement of their property before nomination? Give any three reasons.
​15. "The public money can be spent only when the Parliament sanctions it." What values do you find in it?
16. How is a farm labourer different from farmers? Explain.
​17. Explain any three ways in which a large population considered as liability can be turned into productive asset.
​18. Mention any three major challenges before India with respect to poverty alleviation.
19. 'By the end of the twentieth century, the international reputation of the USSR as a socialist country had declined.' Explain the statement.
​20. Explain the drawbacks of Directory that led to the rise of Napoleon to the power.
21. What were the causes of deforestation in India. Explain any five points.
​22. In what ways are 'Resources', 'Calamities' and 'Disasters' meaningful in relation to human beings?
​23. ZANU-PF wins the election every five years in Zimbabwe. Are the leaders of ZANU-PF close to the values of democracy? Explain.
​24. Sate the efforts made to achieve self-sufficiency in food grain, since Independence?
​25. Sarva-Shiksha Abhiyan is one of the successful steps to increase Literacy Rate. Describe its features and its importance for fighting social and economic problems.

There are too many questions. I am answering two.

3. The Godavari river is known as Dakshin Ganga.

6. Saudi Arabia.

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