1.what is the geometry of Ni(CO)4 and [Ni(pph3)2]Cl are respectively?

2.[Ni(CO)4] possesses tetrahedral geometry while [Ni(CN)4]2- is a sqare planar.explain?

Geometry of [Ni(CO)4] is tetrahedral while geometry of [Ni(pph3)2Cl2] is square planner.

  • Geometry of [Ni(CO)4]:

  • Geometry of  [Ni(pph3)2Cl2]:

  • [Ni(CO)4] is an unusual complex. It has Ni in 0 oxidation state ,thus there are 8 electrons in 3d and 2 electrons in 4s. CO is the strongest ligand and does cause pairing leaving 1 empty d orbital. Now, somehow the paired electrons in 4s shift to 3d leaving 4s orbital empty and free to accommodate electrons from CO. So, there are no free d orbitals as it is a weak ligand so it has sp3 hybridisation meaning tetrahedral shape.

  • While in [Ni(CN)4]2- , In this Ni in +2 oxidation state, thus there are 8 electrons in 3d orbital and CN is a strong ligand so causes pairing of the Ni d-electrons, leaving empty d orbital so hybridisation is dsp2, square planar. 

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2) the oxidation states of this compounds are diffent.hence they exihibits different geometry

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