1.what is meant by specific epithet?

2.what is stimuli and explain"living thing have the ability to sence the surrounding and respond to the stimuli?"

  • Epithet is a word in the scientific name of a taxon following the name of the genus or species. This applies only to formal names of plants, fungi and bacteria. In formal names of animals the corresponding term is the specific name.
  • Example:Marijuana and hemp are the common names for plants of the genus Cannabis. In Cannabis sativa the word sativa is a specific epithet. It helps to identify the common name Marijuana.


  • Stimuli are events in the environment that influence behavior. A single stimulus can serve many different functions. All living things respond to stimuli. For example,
  • 1. If somebody is watching TV and keeping audio in a high volume when you are studying, you will request them or shout at them to turn off the TV or reduce the volume.
  • 2. The good smell or flavor of an eatable is a stimulus, which makes us to move into the kitchen or dining room to taste it.


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1.The label (or designation) of a particular species in the binomial nomenclature system. For example: coli is the specific epithet of escherichia coli.

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