1.Question- Credit sales to mohan Rs.7000 were posted as Rs.9000.

Answer- Mohan AC Dr 2000

to Suspense AC 2000

(being credit sales to mohan Rs.7000 wrongly posted as Rs.9000, now corrected)

my question is, why suspense ac is credited?

2.Question- Credit sales to mohan Rs.7000 were posted to the credit of his account.

i need answer as well as explanation for the above question. plz sirmam

sales a/c dr   2000

  to mohan a/c  2000

(being credit sales to mohan)

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correct entry:

mohan dr....9000

to sales a/c....9000

 wrong entry:

mohan dr.....7000

to sales a/c...9000

now we need to debit 2000 in mohan's a/c; so our rectifying entry will be:

mohan dr...2000

to suspense a/c.....2000

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1- Right Entry -

Mohan's A/c Dr. 9,000

To Sales A/c 9,000

Wrong Entry -

Mohan's A/c Dr. 7000

To Sales A/c 9,000

Now we need to debit Mohan's A/c by Rs. 2,000 as we had posted only Rs.7,000 instead of Rs. 9,000 but amount of Sales A/c is correctly posted.So we have to credit Suspense A/c by Rs. 2,000 to rectify the error.

Thus, Rectified Entry-

Mohan's A/c Dr. 2,000

To Suspense A/c 2,000

2- Mohan's A/c Dr. 14,000

To Supense A/c 14,000

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