1- name the function which review the operation in a business unit?

2- which two standard will you suggest for production department ?

3- name two situation in which corrective action not required?

4- give meanin deviation used in the management?

5- is controling end of management cucle give reason ?

6- what is feedback in controlling ?

1. Controlling

2. a) increase in production levels b) producing quality goods

3. a) when the deviation is not in the key result areas b) when the deviations are upto the permissble limit

4. Deviation refers to actual performance being above or below the set benchmarks.

5. no, management is not the end of the managment cycle as it gets us back to the planning function after analysing deviations and requires reconsideration of the plans.

6. Feedback refers to report of deviations and problems which the controlling function figures out by the comparison of the actual and desired performance. This feedback acts as the basis of the planning function.

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