1. How adult human digest milk protein and milk sugar?

2. Name the enzymes secreted by pancreas and specify the substrate and the product of each...

3. Amylase is secreted by 2 different glands name them.What is the action of amylase on food??

  1. Milk proteins and all other dietary proteins are broken down to amino acids by protease enzymes. This protease enzyme (peptidases) is secreted as inactive proenzymes to protect the mucus membrane of the gut from hydrolysis. Protein digestion starts in the stomach and is completed in the small intestine.


Lactase is the enzyme which breaks down the milk sugar called lactose found in milk. Lactase produced from guts. Lactase digests the lactose into smaller molecules and then absorbs into our bloodstream, to provide energy to the cells. Most of the adults are unable to digest Lactose because of the lack of the secretion of the enzyme lactase in their body. This will lead to many problems like stomach pain, dirrhoea etc.


  • Pancreatic amylase- digests carbohydrates.
  • Pancreatic lipase - digests lipids.
  • Trypsinogen/Trypsin/Chymotrypsin - digest proteins.
  • Nucleases - digest nucleic acids.


3. Amylase secreted in  Salivary glands and Pancreas.

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