1 Her wife was 6 month pregnant,and he too was worried about it. Instead of apologizing for her labour,why he did not want to work or communicate with her then? Even while he liked women to be apprehensive.
2 what character can be sketched of John through this?
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Jack feels that he has been caught in an ugly middle position physically, emotionally and mentally. All the work was pending in his house. He was also very conscious of his duties as a father and as a husband. But all of his efforts to make Jo fall asleep proved quite fatiguing. She kept on interrupting him. She was continuously asking for clarifications, pointing errors and suggesting alternatives. While Jack did not like that women should take anything for granted. He liked them to be apprehensive. So, he extended the story, though he was in hurry to go down stairs and help his pregnant wife in her hard work of painting the woodwork. Jack felt utter weariness, so he did not want to speak with his wife or work with her or touch her as he was really caught in an ugly middle position.
​​​​​​We assume that you are asking for the character of Jo or Joanne.
She is innocent and loves the happy ending stories. She lives in the imaginary world of fairies, magic wands and miracles. She is not prepare for harsh realities of life. She feels pain for Roger Skunk when he is rejected by his friends. So she wanted the ending of the story to be changed. 

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