1.Draw position-time graphs for two objects having zero relative velocity.2.An object is in uniform motion along a straight line. What will be position- time graph for the motion of the object ifa)x0=+ve,v=+veb)x0=+ve,v=-vec)x0=-ve,v=+ved)x0=-ve,v=-veThe letters x0 and v represent postion of the object at t=0 and uniform velocity of the object respectively.3.Two ends of a train moving with a constant acceleration passes a certain point with elocities u and v. Show that the elocity with which the middle point f the train passes the same point is square root of(u2+v2)/2.

Relative of two objects is given by:
VA is the velocity of object A.VB is the velocity of object B.Relative velocity of object A with respect to object B is VAB = VA - VBif relative velocity is zero, VAB = 0VA - VB = 0VA = VBi.e. two objects are moving with same velocity, so they will never croos each other,therefore graph between them is given by:

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