1. Brijesh Khattar was shocked to read an article on animal poaching and decided to write a letter to the Editor of? The Times Of India ?expressing his concern at the cruelty against animals and the million species facing extinction.

Solution :-

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  • I am writing this letter to express my anguish at the cases of animal poaching reported in your newspaper last week.
  • Illegal trading of animal parts like ivory of elephants, bones of tigers, horns of rhinoceroses, etc., is a profitable business.
  • Such products are sold at exorbitant prices in the international black market.
  • Despite repeated efforts by governments of the world, the black marketing of animal parts has continued unabated.
  • Animals are often poached by criminal cartels to trade their body parts.
  • Due to such human greed, many species like tigers, rhinos, etc., are on the verge of extinction.
  • Elimination of a particular species disturbs the food webs and food chains and collapses localised ecosystems. 
  • Surveillance to thwart such trades must be augmented.
  • An international police force with powers to go after the criminal cartels who indulge in such trades is a must.
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