1.  A departmental store is a welcome change in big cities but an unwanted guest is small town .discuss with reason why smaller town do not prep here shopping from a departmental store.
2.  The fixed shop large scale retailer have introduce a much more convenient way of shopping .but the general store are still a popular retail shop among middle class ,analysis the reason for the survival of general store dispits tough competition from departmental store.

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1. Small town people do not prefer shopping from departmental store because of following reasons:
i) Departmental store face high operating cost therefore the prices charged by them is also high.
ii) There is lack of personal touch while serving customers.
iii) These stores are centrally located which is inconvenient in case of immediate purcahses.

2.The fixed shop large scale retailer are located in a central area which are often inconvenient for immediate purchases they also lack personal touch while serving their customers on the other hand general stores operate in residential area and serve consumers with facilities of home delivery and credit, therefore, general store are still a popular retail shop among middle class.


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