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Everyone needs a holiday, both to relax and to have a change of environment. The holiday makers feel relaxed and refreshed at the end of the holiday and look forward to the resumption of their duties, be it at school, office or factories, with renewed vigour. This is the reason why all establishments grant their employees annual leave. With the end of the Academic year the schools and universities grant their pupils a long holiday during mid-summer. This was last until early September when the new school term starts. Of course the parents will like to take advantage of this and take their leave to coincide with the children's vacations. This has become a traditional holiday season in most European countries particularly in England.

With the coming of August, the traditional holiday season in Britain reaches its peak point and most of the holiday resorts are packed to capacity. In order to avoid the crowd, some prefer to take their holiday a little easier if facilities so warrant. Those who have already taken their holidays can console themselves not only with reflections on the happy days spent in the country, at the seaside or abroad, but also with the thought that holiday expenses are over for the year and that by taking an earlier holiday they have missed the August rush. 

The main thing, of course, is the weather and that it would be hazardous to prophesy. But whatever the weather is like, the essence of a holiday for mot is the carefree atmosphere in which it can be enjoyed. "Take all you need but leave our worries behind" is the sound advice for the holiday maker. Private worries are not always easy to escape from. However, even the pessimist would admit that for the moment things appear brighter than they have been. 

Holiday time is surely a time for shedding serious pre-occupations and seeking the pleasures that appeal to us. It is true that we may not always succeed in finding them, indeed there are people who maintain that the great thing about holiday it gives you an ampler appreciation of home comforts 'a view no doubt more widely held among the elderly than you.

I.a) On the basis of your reading the above passage, make notes using headings and sub-headings. Use recognizable abbreviations, wherever necessary. And also suggest a suitable title.
b) Write a summery of the above passage in not more than 80 words using the notes made. 

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