Subject: Business Studies, asked on 4/7/18

Agile Ltd is a well known automobile manufacturing company in India.The company plans to increase the sale of its sedan cars by 20% in the next quarter.In order to achieve the desired target,the marketing team of the company considers the impact of policy of the government towards diesel vehicles and the level of competition in this segment of cars. they explore the various available options like offering more discount to dealers and customers,providing more customer friendly finance options, lucky draws on test drives, increasing advertising , offering more of free accessories on the purchase of the car,  etc..A thorough analysis of the various available options is done keeping in view the relative viability of each option.The company decides to pursue the option of offering more discount to dealers and customers in order to boost the sale of sedan cars.In order to implement the plan,they determine the various discount packages and communicate the same to their product dealers. To make the prospective consumers aware about the new available benefits,advertisements are made through various sources of print and electronic media. The market analyst of the company keep a close watch on the revenue from the sedan cars to study the effect of new initiatives by the company to promote its sales.
In context of the above case:
(a) Name the function of management described in he above paragraph.
(b)  Identify and explain the various steps involved in process the function of management as identified in part (a) by quoting lines from the paragraph.

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